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Dental clinic "Dent Absolute" - is a modern medical institution that provides a full range of dental services and at the same time uses the latest equipment from leading manufacturers. It is advantageous in a convenient location (Gagarin Avenue, 3, Leningrad area), so you will easily find us, no matter where you traveled. Before the clinic is literally a stone's throw from Borispol, Brovary and settlement Bortnichi. Also, enough to pass only 150 meters from the elite residential complex "Comfort Town". You know, where is the central department store "Darnitsa"? So, the "Absolute Dent" is located literally across the street. Not far from us Kharkov array forest, an array of Troyeshchyna, Paton Bridge Boulevard Perov, Predslavinskaya ... Very convenient walk or ride the metro station "Darnitsa" or "Chernihiv". For example, "Darnitsa" is the route the trolley bus №50 and №46. Just 3 minutes and you are near the dental clinic "Dent Absolute" (last stop).

Our regular patients are not only adults but also children. Especially for them we have the services of silvering teeth, removal of milk teeth, glass ionomer fillings and hardware orthodontic correction of malocclusion (under 16 years). Also, in our clinic, you can consult a professional orthodontist and periodontist. Or solve any problem related to the teeth - our doctors can put photopolymer seal even though the implant set. So that you do not feel the fear and do not feel the pain, we only use high-efficient anesthesia. Here you can do as a professional dental cleaning and decorate your teeth fashionable ornaments. If dentition needs bleaching or restoration, with them, we also handle without problems. Dental clinic "Dent Absolute" put the crown, pick prosthesis mikroprotez, conduct splinting, fillings and do everything to make you proud of your smile. Do you have problems with bite or misaligned teeth? Contact us and make sure that everything is really corrected by well-selected bracket system. You are guaranteed to stop even bother sensitive teeth, if they will work with our highly qualified dentist.

And this is not the whole range of our dental services. For a complete list, but at the same time and prices can be found in the "Prices of the services." It is also suggested to go to the category of "Portfolio" and personally see the results of the effective treatment of our customers. In the "Articles" you will find useful information on topics in the category «FAQ» - answers to frequently asked questions. The "contact" is the address of the clinic, phone numbers, maps and forms by filling you can quickly contact us. If desired, the site can get a coupon for a substantial discount. Dental clinic "Dent Absolute" works with all insurance companies. We love and value our patients, so it is always strongly recommend that they visit the dentist at least twice a year. Routine inspection is very important because many of them that nothing is neglected. The only way to prevent the development of periodontal disease, and to take timely measures to eliminate the unpleasant symptoms and discomfort in the mouth.

"Absolute Dent" in the market of dental services is not the first year, so we use only the latest technology and find customized solutions for each patient. All this means that you will be comfortable to cooperate with us. Smile on health!

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Kyiv, Gagarina, 3

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