Adamchiuk Alexander Petrovich

Work experience:

28 years

Works in:

Kyiv, Dyushato on Dreiser - 25 years
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Dentist Adamchiuk Alexander Petrovich

Doctor Adamchiuk Alexander Petrovich

He graduated from the Kiev Medical Institute in 1994.

He is fluent in technology teeth removal of any complexity, effective anesthesia and techniques zubosohraniyuschih operations. Enjoys a well-deserved reputation and is well known among the inhabitants of the Desna district.

Surgical dentistry


Abnormal tooth extraction

27 USD


11 - 18 USD

Flap surgery

16 USD


10 USD

Plastic tongue-tie, lips

14 USD

Root apex resection with removal of the cyst

28 USD

Treatment of periodontitis (flux)

11 USD

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Adamchiuk Alexander Petrovich

Adamchiuk Alexander Petrovich

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Kyiv, Dreiser, 19,

Dyushato on Dreiser
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