Blinova Evgeniya


Work experience:

13 years

Works in:

Kyiv, Sant X - 6 years
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Dentist Blinova Evgeniya

Therapist Blinova Evgeniya

Dentist, specialization "Dentistry", "Therapeutic dentistry"
In 2008 she graduated from the National Medical University. AA Bogomoletz
In 2010 she graduated from the internship at NMU them. AA Bogomolets and the clinic on the street. Pimonenko
Certificate of Completion:
1) «Tolerant Dentistry of the XXI Century» (one day with Dr. Dan Fischer th) 2008 - Ultradent
2) "The aesthetic restoration: the art and science" 2009 - Kristar
3) "Working with modern restorative materials and equipment" 2010 - Fenestra
4) took part in the scientific program of the Dental Clinical Research Center "Stam": "Clinical application features adhesive - fiber systems in dentistry" 2010
5) took part in the scientific and practical seminar "Modern technologies of prevention and treatment of dental diseases"
6) took part in an online seminar: "The use of standard pins for the restoration of the destroyed tooth crown» - eStady
7) took part in the seminar "Endodontics by the rules. Art instrumentation "2011 - White Castle
8) took part in charitable dental conference "vryat life" - October 2014



12 - 21 USD

Initial consultation


Treatment of caries

12 - 48 USD

Treatment of pulpitis / periodontitis

12 - 21 USD

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Kyiv, Heroes of Dnepr, 41,

Sant X
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