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Dental clinic Vilida

  1. Kyiv, Heroes of Stalingrad Avenue, 6, housing 2

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Specialization Dental clinic Vilida

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Dental Clinic "VILIDA" is based on existing best traditions and experience of dental clinics in Kiev.

Our task - to provide quality dental services and ensuring maximum comfort to our customers. Professionalism, complexity in diagnosis and treatment, friendly attitude and individual approach to each client clinics, as well as complete confidentiality of the information and the principles of medical ethics - is the strategy "Vilidy."

Our goal - to meet the highest international standards of dental care. Experience and expertise, the quality of services aimed at gaining the trust and to become the best dental center for patients.

The staff of our center is a cohesive team of highly qualified doctors, nurses and support staff who work to achieve these goals. The staff of the clinic comprise experienced experts - doctors first and highest category, well known not only in Ukraine, but also abroad.

We have installed and used the most modern equipment: digital panoramic X-ray device MORITA Veraviewepocs 3D functions computed tomography, X-ray machine «Planmeca Intra», dental equipment Anthos, Stern Weber, Takara Belmont, Melag, machine Vector.

Our job is to secure the implementation of comprehensive dental care. Cozy atmosphere, high professionalism of our team, a cohesive long-term successful work sets us apart from the large number of dental companies. Dentists in our dental clinic specialize in areas such as: preventive dentistry, prosthodontics, dental surgery, orthodontics. Our dentists professional approach to all the little things that are associated with improvements in patient health.

Admission of patients in the dental clinic is conducted in both Russian and English languages.

Much attention is paid to the sterility of infectious and protection of patients. Our dental clinic is sterilized everything that is not a one-off tool or material single application.

We guarantee our patients not only health, but also high quality work, impeccable aesthetics. All dental procedures are carried out under a modern and efficient anesthesia.

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Kyiv, Heroes of Stalingrad Avenue, 6

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