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  1. Zaporizhia, Dudykina, 26а

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Specialization Dental+

Description clinics Dental+

Dental clinic «Dental +» - is a young but well-established clinic. The purpose of this dental clinic - to provide services to the widest possible range of people. We treat both adults and children. The quality of the services provided by our doctors are always very high, despite the different social status of the patient, and that sets us apart from other clinics. For us it is important that you, as our patients, can always rely on the provision of dental services at the highest level. The clinic is constantly held shares, which will help you save your money. The convenient location will allow you to easily reach by public transport and by car, patients can put it in the parking lot.

From the first minutes of stay in the cozy lobby of our dental clinic you understand that staff friendly and professional. The chair of our Hall, you can relax, listen to relaxing music, or watch an interesting video on dentistry. As long as you take turns to you to answer simple questions will give the administrator, but about the treatment you consult our doctor. Any intervention in the dentist's chair is to start with a professional teeth cleaning. The patient will always be offered several options to address its problems, and that he was a doctor will choose the treatment plan that will suit him financially and aesthetically. General diagnosis of diseases is carried out using an X-ray apparatus, without which it is impossible to qualitatively assess the situation. In some cases, the patient is assigned to a computer tomograph.

All staff dentist regularly attends conferences and engaged in self-education that provides you with the highest quality services. Technical equipment of the clinic meets the modern demands and trends. In this development for dentistry have almost no those services would not be provided by our clinic. According to this, if you need dental Zaporozhye, we are pleased to have you provide your services.

For each patient is put individual medical card, containing all the passport data, the patient's complaints, recorded his allergoanamnez, dentition and other important information for the dentist. This document remains in dentistry, which subsequently facilitates subsequent administration to the patient, enables us to construct a treatment plan and is the link between doctor and patient.

On many of the services provided, our Dental guarantees. A prerequisite for the warranty, a regular visit to the doctor (once in 6 months.), In order to control its operation. This allows the patient not to worry about what tomorrow will be spoiled his work and he will remain with the problem one-on-one.

The number of patients of our dental clinic is constantly growing. This fact may indicate only that everything that is done in our dentistry is always at the highest level. Testimonials always just good, and often came himself, the patient to be treated later leads his family. On this our clinic we are proud to be called family dentist.

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Zaporizhia, Dudykina, 26а

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