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Specialization Dyushato Center

Description clinics Dyushato Center

Medical Center LLC "Dyushato" was founded in 1997, is represented by three dental

clinics in the area Desnyanskiy Kiev.

Since 2012 has the highest level of accreditation of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Since October 2014, opened a new modern dental clinic "Dyushato Center" on

address: Kiev, st. Gradinskaya 5. The clinic is equipped with imported machinery and equipment for

successful treatment of dental caries, aesthetic restoration of teeth problem with impassable

TV, non-surgical method of treatment of cysts MTA.

Digital radiography clinic reduces radiation exposure by 10 times and provides high

the image quality of the teeth. The latest technologies prevent caries, teeth whitening, treatment

gum disease and splinting of mobile teeth, dentures and implants, correction

bite and miniimplanty, laser applications in medical and surgical treatment,

skilled approach to the treatment of pregnant women is a priority in the work of our


Surgical services at the clinic - it is not only qualified and painless removal

teeth, and above all, surgical treatment, aimed at preserving the teeth.

Our pediatric dentists have specialized in pediatric dentistry, know the psychology of children

and have the ability and desire to communicate with their children.

We have presented the most advanced safe, painless and reliable technique with

using imported, biocompatible with the tissues of children's teeth

filling materials.

A significant amount of work in children's dental caries prevention takes hold

deep fluorination method which stops at the initial stage of caries; pressurization

fissure; children's aesthetic restoration of teeth, orthodontics, colored fillings in photopolymer

baby teeth - which makes our clinic attractive to children and parents.

Bright interior of the premises, books, gifts, toys, sketchbooks, competitions for the best

a drawing to entertainment and trust.

Strict compliance sanepidrezhima, anti-AIDS program, treatment without pain,

free advice to make your treatment in the clinic safe and enjoyable.

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Kyiv, Gradinskaya, 5

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