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Dyushato Children Department

  1. Kyiv, Vygurovsky blvd., 4

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Specialization Dyushato Children Department

Description clinics Dyushato Children Department

Dental clinic LLC "Dyushato" works in the market of dental

services since 2001 in the amount of dentistry as a family with adults and children: under section

therapeutic and pediatric dentistry, orthopedics, orthodontics.

Modern material and technical base, equipment manufactured in Europe,

effective and safe anesthetic quality photopolymer ilimbtrovochnye

materials; fixed and removable prosthetics; and most importantly - highly

Doctors and clinics highest first qualifying category provide high

quality dental treatment in our clinic.

An important link in the clinic is pediatric dentistry. Small

patients treated at our center doctors specialized in children's past

dentistry, knowing the psychology of children and able to communicate with them.

The clinic uses modern, safe, reliable treatment teeth

children; quality biocompatible filling materials.

Cosmetic restoration in children and adolescents, children periodontal, orthodontics,

colored fotoplomby Twinki star in baby teeth, successful prevention of dental caries

deep fluoridation and fissure sealing teeth make our clinic

appealing to children and parents.

The clinic to comply with any requirements sanepidrezhima, ANTIAIDS program -

You can be sure of a safe, high-quality treatment in our clinic.

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Kyiv, Vygurovsky blvd., 4

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