Elisova Angelina

Therapist, Hygienist,

Work experience:

14 years

Works in:

Kyiv, Sant X - 6 years
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Dentist Elisova Angelina

Doctor Elisova Angelina

Dentist, specializes in the prevention of dental diseases, orthodontic treatment, aesthetic and restorative dentistry. She graduated from the Kiev National Medical University. Bogomolets Dental School. from 2007 to 2009 she worked as a dental assistant at a prestigious private clinic.
Since 2009, he worked on the therapeutic reception at a private clinic, spent orthodontic treatment and improve skills in the field of aesthetic dentistry.
Permanently increases the knowledge and skills, attends lectures and workshops of famous doctors:
1) "Fіlosofіya ortodontichnogo lіkuvannya. Chastina Persha: Fundamentals neznіmnoї tehnіki." 2012r.
2) "Fіlosofіya ortodontichnogo lіkuvannya. Chastina friend: Doug, yak The major Lanka mehanіzmі ortodontichnogo lіkuvannya." 2012r.
3) "The CCO System From Orthodontically Facilitated Periodontics to Periodontally Facilitated Orthodontics". 2013r
4) took part in charitable dental conference "vryat life" - October 2014
5) "plus orthodontist orthopedist - spіvpratsya have stomatologії. Stabіlnіst ortodontichnogo lіkuvannya that relapse." November 2014

Cosmetic Dentistry


Capa whitening

n / a

Skys / Decoration Tooth pebbles

14 USD



12 - 21 USD

Initial consultation


Treatment of caries

12 - 48 USD

Treatment of pulpitis / periodontitis

12 - 21 USD

Oral Hygiene


Brushing teeth Air-Flow

19 USD

Brushing your teeth with ultrasound

19 USD

Orthodontics (correction of occlusion)


Correction braces

14 USD

Lingual braces

1920 USD

Metal braces

288 - 1344 USD

Sapphire braces

960 USD

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Kyiv, Heroes of Dnepr, 41,

Sant X
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