Hirlyuk Xenia

Work experience:

13 years

Works in:

Kyiv, Dental clinic Med-Beauty - 6 years
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Dental Implants


Implant prosthesis

81 USD

Installing dental implants

62 - 561 USD

Sinus lifting closed

76 USD

Sinus lifting open

326 USD

Dental Prosthesis


Ceramic crown zirconium oxide

158 USD

Clasp prosthesis

n / a

Dental crowns, bridge (non-removable dentures)

n / a

Denture plastic

n / a

Metal-ceramic crown

62 USD

Temporary crown

n / a


n / a

Gum Treatment



n / a

Laser biostimulation

n / a

Teeth splinting

n / a

Vector - Therapy

n / a

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Kyiv, Chervonozorianyi Avenue, 17,

Dental clinic Med-Beauty
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