Kalaydov Andrey

Work experience:

5 years
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Doctor Kalaydov Andrey

Implantologist, Active Member of EAO

Graduated from Moscow State Medical Dental University named after Semashko. One of the most experienced implantologists in Russia. He is also recognized by his works in Europe. In 1980-s worked in maxillofacial department of Municipal Hospital в„–36, Central Research Institute of Dentistry, Moscow State Medical Dental University. In 1990-s worked in the best-known private dental clinics of Moscow, combining work with active study of new implantation methods and techniques in Germany, Switzerland and France. Doctor Kalaydov is an Active Member of European Association for Osseointegration. Some European implant producers use his works as models for their product advertisement. Among his patients there are many people from Europe, Asia, the USA and distant parts of Russia. His primary areas of expertise are operations in bone grafting, guided bone regeneration (with membranes) and also in implantation of various degrees of complexity. 
Since 1998 – Implantologist of American Clinic Dental Art. 

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