Kavalets Valeria V.


Work experience:

15 years

Works in:

Kyiv, Dyushato on Dreiser - 14 years
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Dentist Kavalets Valeria V.

Doctor Kavalets Valeria V.

Graduated from Kyiv Medical Institute of Traditional Medicine Association in 2007.

Had an internship at the Ukrainian Academy of dental Poltava in 2008. Has specialization in KMAPE and & nbsp; qualification category in therapeutic and prosthetic dentistry.

Successfully engaged in art restoration of teeth, endodontic treatment. Owns modern technology in prosthetics ceramic metal-ceramic works, removable & nbsp; prosthetics.

Constantly improving their skills at seminars, workshops and conferences. Has 29 training certificates Ukrainian and international seminars and workshops.

Kavalets Valeria high-level expertise and a true professional in the therapeutic and prosthetic dentistry.

Dental Prosthesis


Ceramic crown zirconium oxide

168 USD

Clasp prosthesis

216 - 278 USD

Dental crowns, bridge (non-removable dentures)

20 USD

Denture plastic

110 USD

Metal-ceramic crown

51 USD

Temporary crown

12 USD


95 USD



Glass ionomer fillings

10 - 12 USD

Photopolymer fillings in

14 - 17 USD

Treatment of caries


Treatment of pulpitis / periodontitis

3 - 7 USD

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Kyiv, Dreiser, 19,

Dyushato on Dreiser
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