Lavryshin Salome Igorevna

Work experience:

9 years

Works in:

Kyiv, Dental clinic Med-Beauty - 9 years
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Dentist Lavryshin Salome Igorevna

Doctor Lavryshin Salome Igorevna

She graduated from the Ternopil State Medical University im.I.Ya.Gorbachevskogo. Took postgraduate courses, internships, participated in international congresses on orthodontics and maxillofacial, detailed hirirgii;

Dental Implants


Implant prosthesis

81 USD

Installing dental implants

62 - 561 USD

Sinus lifting closed

76 USD

Sinus lifting open

326 USD

Orthodontics (correction of occlusion)


Activation braces

n / a

Ceramic braces

n / a

Correction braces

n / a

Lingual braces

n / a

Metal braces

n / a

Orthodontic aligners

n / a


n / a

Sapphire braces

n / a

Self-ligating braces

n / a

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Lavryshin Salome Igorevna

Lavryshin Salome Igorevna

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Kyiv, Chervonozorianyi Avenue, 17,

Dental clinic Med-Beauty
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