Milk tooth caries treatment

Baby teeth also are called temporary. And often there is a perception that dental caries in primary teeth to treat it makes no sense. We hasten to reassure you - children's tooth decay can cause complications are the same as in adults, so it should be treated promptly and efficiently. Read more

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Milk tooth caries treatment in Moscow

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Reviews about Milk tooth caries treatment

Лечу зубы в этой клинике. Уже полгода. К сожалению, стоматологов я посещаю часто из-за плохих зубов. Изначально попала в эту клинику потому, что стоит рядом с моим домом. Пришла с острой болью. Попала к Титовой Наталье Александровне. Очень приятный доктор, по сей день лечусь у нее. И кариес лечила, и делала отбеливание зубов. В стоматологии часто выгодные акции, поэтому не бьет по кошельку.
Не первый раз посещаю клинику Са-Ната! Была и на гигиенической чистке зубов, пролечила кариес,прошла эндотерапию. Осталась абсолютно довольна результатом! С самого детства я лечила зубы у одно стоматолога.Других врачей не признавала.Для меня очень важно, что бы врач был не только профессионалом ,а и открытым и добрым человеком.Безумно приятно,когда тебя принимают как дома. Лично я максимально прочувствовала всю заботу и внимание к себе и моим зубам! Пришлось даже побывать на удалении восьмерок. И тут хочу выразить большую благодарность Кинчур Николай Ивановичу.Настоящий профессионал-сделал все быстро и АБСОЛЮТНО БЕЗ БОЛИ! После удаления посоветовал ,как нужно ухаживать за полостью рта и с улыбкой отправил домой отдыхать:)Врачи и администраторы отлично знают что такое вежливость и максимально делают все,что бы клиент остался доволен!Как говорится-проверено на собственной шкуре!К тому же советовала эту клинику своим близким и знакомым,и каждый ,кто приходил-оставался доволен!Еще раз огромное спасибо клинике Са-Ната ,персоналу за ваш труд и за то, что с такой любовью заботитесь о нашем здоровье и красоте наших зубок.
Хочу написать слова искренней благодарности Бегишевой Марине Анатольевне. Замечательному специалисту и великолепному психологу. Сумела не только доступно все объяснить, но и качественно пролечить зубки моему ребенку. Теперь мой сын сам бежит в ванную чистить зубки как показала «тетя доктор». Процветания и хороших Вам пациентов.
Отсутствие тактичности и уважения, не умеет работать с детьми, волнует только собственное настроение, повышенная чувствительность к себе. УЧТИТЕ:Если ребенок боится - отказывается оказывать помощь и услуги в целом!!

Baby teeth also are called temporary. And often there is a perception that dental caries in primary teeth to treat it makes no sense. We hasten to reassure you - children's tooth decay can cause complications are the same as in adults, so it should be treated promptly and efficiently. There is also reversible stage caries which should be identified as soon as possible - and the amount of dental treatment can be maximally reduced.

The causes of the disease
Early childhood caries can occur due to lack of hygiene, imperfect structure of hard tissues of teeth, child malnutrition, unhealthy eating habits and lack of prevention.

Not all parents start brushing teeth children since their introduction, and then the majority can not decide whether to treat caries of deciduous teeth immediately.

What is tooth decay in primary teeth, some guess all: the most popular image of caries - black "hollow" in the tooth. In fact, pigmented cavities appear only with the transition from the acute form of the disease into a chronic, but at a very early stage and did a barely noticeable spot. The conclusion is - wait for "holes" are not worth it, better visit the dentist regularly.

Childhood caries treatment and prevention
Causes of dental caries of deciduous teeth can be anything, out of this situation only two:

  • If the disease is found during stains tooth can be treated in a conservative manner - to hold remineralizing therapy (applique different mineral compositions, an in-depth fluoridation), and silver;
  • With the defeat of the teeth with the formation of carious defect (cavity, "holes") doctor is left with no choice but to try to remove the infected hard tissue using hand tools or drill, conduct oral antiseptic and filled it.

Prevention is possible to prevent early caries of deciduous teeth or suspend its spread. With the help of simple manipulations, the doctor can determine the level of oral hygiene of your child's susceptibility to caries, it will select the ideal paste, brush and additional personal hygiene, if necessary (Floss, irrigators, conditioners, mousses).

With a planned visit to the doctor, you will learn more about nutrition, the importance of control bad habits (thumb sucking, pacifiers, sleep on the cam and others), as well as when and how they begin to fight. Caries of deciduous teeth can often be prevented by adding a child's diet fresh vegetables, reducing the intake of carbohydrates in the evening and limit consumption of sugary drinks, especially those that contain acid (Coca-Cola and analogues). Even fruit juice concentrates are dangerous to their enamel acids - they need to be thinned and drink through a straw.

Sometimes it is impossible to prevent tooth decay. For example, in violation of the composition or structure of the tissues of the teeth, because their foundation is still going on in vnutreutrobnom period when toxemia, poor nutrition and disease any expectant mother can be harmful.

To the dentist - with a smile
Treatment of caries of deciduous teeth, regardless of the depth of the lesion should be in a comfortable environment for the child. It is extremely important to choose a dentist who patiently establish contact, will not deceive him, and convince cooperate.

The first meeting of the child and the dentist should not cause stress. Let this be a short visit, during which the good doctor will tell a lot of interesting things about my job, show room, tools, ride the chair. The next time the crumb will know

situation and the doctor will not be afraid, and will even allow you to see his teeth. That is why it is imperative that a doctor's office have not led the treatment of caries of deciduous teeth or more complex diseases, and a planned visit.

Mom must remember the secret: the doctor or need to secretly advance pass a few toys or gifts for the baby. This should be done not in all clinics, but it is better to ask in advance during the recording. Caries of deciduous teeth treatment involves not always the most pleasant, child definitely need to be encouraged. For good behavior and patience dentist will give deserved rewards little hero!

Treatment without pain
No matter what age or developed childhood caries of deciduous teeth, treatment is always carried out only after adequate analgesia. Fortunately, modern dentistry allows you to make even the painless prick: the doctor cause anesthetic gel on the mucosa, allowing infiltration or regional anesthesia infiltration + child hardly feels.

If the child could not stand before anesthesia and anesthesia, he will first be assigned to a consultation with an anesthesiologist, an allergist and pediatrician. Even if you want to cure only caries of deciduous teeth, should not rush. Child Health and well-being - above all. Even the meager portions of the allergen can cause a bright response. So do not be surprised that the dentist and allergist will ask you to pass a series of tests.

Calm and sequence

Parents often get nervous and start to transfer their children to the excitement when they notice they have caries of deciduous teeth that absolutely can not do.

No need to rush to read on the internet all about milk teeth caries - a forum or article does not give you all the answers to your specific clinical case. Sequence of actions is very simple:

  • Calm down - your child will be transferred instantly nervousness, so start with yourself.
  • Select the clinic and the doctor - for friends or reviews on the web, because it is the most valuable personal experience.
  • Talk to the child about the fact that it is necessary to treat teeth. That go to school with a smile ugly or no teeth is not very nice. Do not give false hopes. Do not say that he did not notice that the pain or not at all - you do not know that for sure. When probing cavity (for more accurate diagnosis) doctor can make it unpleasant. Then the child may decide that he had been deceived.
  • Adult children interested in the fact that patients with primary teeth may be involved in the inflammatory process and permanent, and they do not want to risk anyone. And if because of temporary teeth caries have prematurely removed, it can and does threaten malocclusion.
  • Think about motivation, prepare gifts and "prizes" child.
  • Make an appointment and go at it like a party!
  • You have nothing to worry about - everything you tell yourself dentist. Your task - to set up a child to cooperate and provide him with a good mood.

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