Marchenko Ludmila Genadevna

Therapist, Hygienist.

Work experience:

30 years

Works in:

Kyiv, Dyushato on Dreiser - 17 years
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Dentist Marchenko Ludmila Genadevna

Doctor Marchenko Ludmila Genadevna

Graduated from the Kiev Medical Institute in 1992. Has the highest qualification category in odontology.

Owns treatments of periodontal disease, tooth whitening, reinforcement and splinting mobile teeth fiberglass tape.

Is a leading expert in the clinic for endodontic treatment of complicated caries. Ongoing training (has 15 training certificates).

High level of professionalism combined with Lyudmila Gennadievna with attention and care to patients.

Certificates doctor Marchenko Ludmila Genadevna

Cosmetic Dentistry


Chemical teeth whitening


Home bleaching

56 USD



Reinforcement tooth pin

5 - 12 USD

Treatment of caries


Treatment of pulpitis / periodontitis

3 - 7 USD

Gum Treatment


Teeth splinting

46 - 57 USD

Oral Hygiene


Brushing teeth Air-Flow

16 - 33 USD

Brushing your teeth with ultrasound

19 - 28 USD

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Kyiv, Dreiser, 19,

Dyushato on Dreiser
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