Oleksienko Liudmyla


Work experience:

30 years

Works in:

Kyiv, Dentoleks - 7 years
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Dentist Oleksienko Liudmyla

Doctor Oleksienko Liudmyla

Dentist - the therapist higher category

In 1992 he graduated from the Kiev Medical Institute. AA Bogomolets, Dental School. Since 1992, she works in the public dental clinic Obolon district of Kyiv. She worked at a private dental clinic in the Podolsk District. Since 1996, led by the trade union organization in the dental clinic Obolon district of Kyiv. Constantly improve their skills and professionalism. Attending conferences and courses in modern dentistry and puts into practice the knowledge and skills. For high professionalism and hard work has numerous commendations from the Kiev city administration, the Ministry of Health, as well as the administration of Obolon district.



1 - 8 USD

Reinforcement tooth pin

7 - 14 USD

Treatment of caries

8 - 21 USD

Treatment of pulpitis / periodontitis

1 - 8 USD

Orthodontics (correction of occlusion)


Ceramic braces

312 USD

Correction braces

8 - 16 USD

Metal braces

168 USD

Orthodontic aligners

33 USD

Sapphire braces

336 USD

Self-ligating braces

408 USD

Pediatric Dentistry


Fissure sealing


Silvering teeth


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Oleksienko Liudmyla

Oleksienko Liudmyla

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Kyiv, Heroes of Stalingrad, 11 B,

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