Osik Stanislav


Work experience:

8 years

Works in:

Kyiv, Dentistry Brothers Lepsky Plus Kiev - 8 years
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Dentist Osik Stanislav

Doctor Osik Stanislav

Dentist (general dentist, prosthetic dentistry)
Member of the Association of Ukrainian Implantology
NMU them. Bogomolets. Faculty of Dentistry
Clinical residency at the department of dentistry ortopeicheskoy NMU them. Bogomoletz
Passed course in "Dental lasers: aspects of practical application."

Dental Implants


Implant prosthesis

31 - 252 USD

Installing dental implants

n / a

Sinus lifting closed

134 USD

Sinus lifting open

297 USD

Dental Prosthesis


Ceramic crown zirconium oxide

225 USD

Clasp prosthesis

312 - 379 USD

Dental crowns, bridge (non-removable dentures)

52 - 72 USD

Denture plastic

230 USD

Metal-ceramic crown

72 USD

Temporary crown

19 USD


216 USD



8 - 17 USD

Initial consultation


Reinforcement tooth pin

33 USD

Treatment of caries

3 - 40 USD

Treatment of pulpitis / periodontitis

8 - 17 USD

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