Pavlik Alina

Work experience:

6 years

Works in:

Dnipropetrovsk, Aranta - 6 years
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Dentist Pavlik Alina

Doctor Pavlik Alina

Children's dentist.

It's no secret that dentists afraid even adults, let alone children, which requires a special approach. Alina S. gets along famously with children, but it is also a great specialist, who easily and naturally when dealing with young patients efficiently and effectively carry out its work. High skill level, modern methods of treatment, the use of innovative medicines, supplies and the use of reliable equipment that allows Aline Pavlik quickly and painlessly deliver children from dental problems, give them health.

Pediatric Dentistry


Fissure sealing

n / a

Milk tooth caries treatment

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23 July 2015

I would not recommend

Branch: Aranta

The goal of treatment: Milk tooth caries treatment

Отсутствие тактичности и уважения, не умеет работать с детьми, волнует только собственное настроение, повышенная чувствительность к себе. УЧТИТЕ:Если ребенок боится - отказывается оказывать помощь и услуги в целом!!

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Dnipropetrovsk, Working, 89,

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