Ptichkin JULIA O.

Work experience:

27 years

Works in:

Odessa, DentArt Odessa
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Dentist Ptichkin JULIA O.

Doctor Ptichkin JULIA O.

CEO, chief physician clinics

Education: Odessa State Medical University.

Additional Education: University of Frankfurt (continuing education), Medical University of Vienna.

Teaching: the Odessa Medical University from 1997 to 2005

Job: Clinic of Maxillofacial Surgery Odessa from 1995 to 2005

General Director of the clinic "Dent-Art".

Specialization: Maxillofacial surgery, implantology.

Experience 17 years. Installed more than 8000 implants.

Constantly learning and excellence in quality European clinics. This allows the use of the most advanced and reliable techniques dental, treatment.

Additional training:

November 2013
Course in implantology, etc.. Thomas enhancer, Germany

November 2013
Education in implantalogicheskom Shtaygmana Institute, Germany

July 2013
Course: for aesthetic prosthetics, Mauro Fradeani
Pesaro, Italy.

June 2013
Implantology Congress, Cannes, France

April 2013
Direct restoration of posterior teeth
Al. J. Smitson, United Kingdom

April 2013
Smile design and interdisciplinary communication in aesthetic dentistry
Al. Christian Kochman, Brazil

March 2013
Course implantation
prof. G.Raspirini, Dubai.

February 2013
Course: Photography in Dentistry
Al. Paulo Monteiro, Portugal

December 2012
Course in Endodontics
Lecturer: M. Belograd

September 2012
International Symposium: Periodontics and Restorative Dentistry, Kiev

September 2012
Course: Regenerative periodontal surgery and aesthetic Bern, Switzerland
Lecturer: Pr.Skulan, Pr.Buzer.

September 2012
Course: Aesthetic conditions and choice of prosthetic design, building on implants
Lecturer: Thomas Linkevikius

July 2012
Course: Practical Endodontics
Lecturer: rib EY

July 2012
Course: Orthopedic events before and at the stage of surgery
Lecturer: Boris Fridzon

June 2012
Congress: EUROPERIO 7, Vienna, Austria

March 2012
Symposium: Modern aesthetic implantology
Speaker: VV Ordovsky-Tanayevsky, Moscow

February 2012
Course: Aesthetic and functional indirect anterior and posterior teeth - ceramic veneers, inlays, onlays. Selection criteria.
Lecturers: Dr. Paolo Casentino, Dr. Mario Rokuzzo. Italy.

January 2012
Course in implantology
Lecturer: Dr. Gribauskas Simonas, Vilnius

December 2011
Training: Standards of service dental clinic. Effective management of quality dental care.
Lecturer: Bichun AB, of St. Petersburg

December. 2011
Congress: Priladnaya endodontics. Moscow

November 2011
Course in implantology at the University of Vienna in Dr.Bernhard Giesenhagen, Dr.Norbert Fock, Dr.Hannes Traxler. Austria

October 2011
Course: Clinical aspects of implant dentistry.
Lecturer: Dr. Guy Levi.

October 2011
Twelfth meeting of the club Implantology in Odessa.

July 2011
Congress of Implantology in Iceland.
Dr. Prof. BE Pjetursson, Dr. Prof. NP Lang.

March 2011
Course in implantology, g.Olsberg, Germany, Prof. Dr. F. Khoury

March 2011
Workshop: Design in the restoration of anterior teeth
Lecturer: S.Radlinsky

April 2009
Course: Functional Occlusion in Aesthetic Dentistry "
Lecturer: Dr. Peshko AA

May 2011
International Symposium: Aesthetics implantation. Modern concepts and challenges. Kiev.

May 2011
Course Installation Lumineers.
Lecturer: Dr. Nargis Schmidt, New York

December 2011
Course: Current methods of periodontal surgery
Lecturer: Dr. Georg. Gassmann

December 2011
Congress: The teeth or implants - the limits of
Lecturer: Prof. M.Lomakin. Moscow

November 2010
Course: Prosthetics on implants
Lecturer: B.Fridzon

October 2010
Congress of the European Association of Implantology
Glasgow, Scotland

July 2010
Course pezohirurgii
Lecturer: dr. A.Podesta, Dr.T.Vercelotti, Italy

March 2010
Course implantation
Dr. Borrmann, Dr. Yakubovich, Pforzheim, Germany

February 2010
Course: Emergency care in somatic pathology in the practice of a dentist
Lecturer: Bichun AB

February 2010
Course: Periodontal treatment in aesthetic dentistry.
Lecturer: Dr.Alain Romanos

December 2009
Course: Modern concepts of occlusion. Features of the articulator.
Speaker: VV Ordovsky-Tanayevsky

December 2009
Course in implantology
Lecturers: Dr. R.Donaca,, Dr. Yakubovich, Pforzheim, Germany

October 2009
Course: Reconstructive surgery in preparing the conditions for implant placement: Sinus lift and transplantation of autologous bone blocks
Lecturer: A.N.Senyuk

October 2009
Congress of the European Association of Implantology

June 2009
Course: A team approach to achieve optimal functional and aesthetic results in prosthetics with reliance on implants.
Lecturer: GZ Ordzhonikidze, Senyuk AN

June 2009
Conference: Implant / tion in dentistry and maxillofacial surgery

June 2009
Course: The choice of material and method of dental restoration
Lecturer: Prof.Dr.Trevor Byrk, England

May 2009
Course in Endodontics
Lecturer: Dr.Arnaldo Castellucci

March 2009
Fourth Eastern European Conference on problems in the dental

March 2009
Course on implantation "U-impl Switzerland"

November 2008
Course: Visual and functional aesthetics in dentistry
The American Dental Academy

May 2008
International Congress on dental implantation and osseointegration.

April 2008
Course: Direct vinirovanie, equipment and behavior of innovative nano composites
Lecturer: Dr. Jeff T.Blank

October 2007
The eighth meeting of the club Implantology

September 2007
Course: Practical problem solving in endodontics

September 2007
International Conference: New technologies in Endodontics.
Lecturers: Prof.Dr. Vinio Valagnino, dr. Michal Leski, dr. Pierre Machtou

April 2007
Course: Components of Success dental practice in everyday reality
Lecturer: E.Ioffe.

October 2006
Course implantation IPST

oktyabr2005 city
Course: The Art of Effective management of dental clinic.

April 2005
Second Eastern European Conference on implantology

January 2005
Course implantation IPST

May 2004
Course in Endodontics
Lecturer: Sergey Radlinsky

March 2004
Course: Aesthetic Restorative Dentistry. Periodontics.
Lecturer: Prof.Dr. Goran Koch.

April 2003
Course: Art Restoration
Lecturer: Sergey Radlinsky

Dental Implants


Implant prosthesis

n / a

Installing dental implants

n / a

Sinus lifting closed

144 USD

Sinus lifting open

144 USD

Surgical dentistry


Abnormal tooth extraction

19 USD

Autograft bone (Fence and transplantation of bone blocks)

n / a


14 USD

Flap surgery

n / a


n / a

Plastic tongue-tie, lips

n / a

Root apex resection with removal of the cyst

n / a

Treatment of periodontitis (flux)

n / a


n / a

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