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Family dentistry

  1. Kyiv, Shchusev, 18/14

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Specialization Family dentistry

Description clinics Family dentistry

Dentists of our clinic will provide high-quality diagnostic, preventive, therapeutic and endodontic treatment of teeth and gums (caries, pulpitis, periodontitis, treatment and root canal filling), restoration, restoration of teeth, prosthetic crowns and removable designs at affordable prices. Comprehensive dental treatment.

Professional advice and recommendations to the dentist will help create an effective treatment plan and carry out expensive dental treatment in a modern style. Prophylactic examinations, consultations and recommendations dentist. Modern materials and equipment. Dentistry without pain with the use of an effective local anesthetic. Not expensive

Our clinic has a system of hot offers and discounts for complex dental treatment. We will help you restore and maintain your amazing smile!

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Kyiv, Shchusev, 18/14

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