Glass ionomer fillings

JRC-filling cements - accessible, useful, durable. In some cases, it is best to put the glass ionomer fillings and what exactly is their use? Read more

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JRC-filling cements - accessible, useful, durable. In some cases, it is best to put the glass ionomer fillings and what exactly is their use?

Characteristics of the material
This class of dental materials appeared by combining the best quality and polyacrylic silicate systems. Now almost completely eliminated the need to use other cements, except for glass ionomer and polymers.

Glass ionomers in dentistry are divided into classes depending on their destination:

  • Hardens quickly (to close the fissure, insulating spacers under the polymers);
  • Reinforced (for fillings in posterior teeth);
  • Aesthetic (fillings in front teeth);
  • For fixing dentures, crowns;
  • For root canal obturation.

Glass ionomer fillings may be different in composition and have several types of curing mechanisms, it is less than a generation, the best properties will have it. Delve into the chemical composition is quite difficult - it is difficult, the main thing you need to know - JRC seal even after hardening continues to treat the teeth, making them more durable. Of its fluoride constantly be allocated fluoride ions, which prevent the occurrence of secondary caries, make tissue firmer. Other additives stimulate the formation of secondary dentine, disinfected.

Classical glass ionomer fillings after hardening is a fluorosilicate glass particles among cross-linked polyacrylate matrix of different metals - a very sturdy construction, which has excellent chemical adhesion to tooth tissue.

Advanced JRC modified polymers, they can solidify both chemically and by light.

Advantages of glass ionomer fillings:

  • Bioactivity;
  • Strength;
  • Good adhesion (adhesive force) as a tooth and other filling materials;
  • Security - despite the large number of components, seals for human non-toxic;
  • Reasonable price.

The disadvantage is that over time, some classes JRC can change color, become dull, coarse, more fragile than polymers. But the most recent, modern glass ionomers very aesthetic, and can be used to seal the front teeth.

When shown the seal of the glass ionomer

  • Fissure sealing in children - poorly mineralized enamel areas are saturated with fluorine through this material, and then they themselves are erased when chewing, so they do not need to be removed occasionally. If you want to extend the seal, simply add cement in fissure;
  • Treatment of caries of deciduous teeth - the aesthetics of fillings is not as important as the positive qualities of the material is very useful for children;
  • Sealing chewing (distant) teeth;
  • Temporary filling (when there is no money for more expensive material or doctor is not sure how to react to the treatment of pulp, because the polymer seal is tight);
  • As the pads under the polymer in the middle and deep caries (JRC compensates properties of polymers improves their adhesion, physical and chemical properties);
  • To fix the root tabs, pins, pin designs, crowns, fixed prosthesis, because if necessary unsealing it is convenient to work with the JRC and other mineral cements are not as strong.

There are contraindications, which analyzes the doctor. It is the size and location of the defect, group affiliation teeth, age and the patient's wishes. The service life of glass ionomer fillings - about 5 years, but much depends on the individual characteristics of each clinical case. According to its characteristics of glass ionomer fillings is second polymers, and sometimes exceeds them.

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