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  1. Zaporizhia, Dzerzhinsky, 114a

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"Trial" - Dentistry in Kiev: treat teeth without tears and pain! Dental health - one of the important components of a comfortable human existence. It is impossible to imagine the welcome delicious food, drinking cold drinks with ice or a nice smile when you have a toothache, bite or crooked yellowed enamel.
Many of you have surely been treated teeth in childhood, and from this process were clearly not the best memories. The lack of painkillers, piercing sound of the old drill and sugary smell of cement (which was then called "seal"). Discomfort, huh? But as time passed, the technology of dentistry has changed beyond recognition. Dentistry Zaporozhye today - it's the latest equipment, innovative treatments, modern drugs for pain relief, a unique diagnostic equipment. Hypoallergenic mixes for filling cavities and channels. Painless treatment of pulpits. In dentistry Zaporozhye no longer afraid to walk even the children. Modern dentistry Zaporizhzhia performs the so-called aesthetic treatments: braces for teeth straightening (at any age!), And increasing professional bleaching, dentures and restore damaged teeth.
Come in dentistry Zaporozhye to no longer be afraid to smile at us with everything they want without the pain, to laugh in the face of all the trouble!

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Zaporizhia, Dzerzhinsky, 114a

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