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  1. Zaporizhia, Angolenko, 14c, 69035

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Description clinics Vitadent

The organization of the clinic "Vitadent" set a goal to become a leader among dental services Zaporozhye. Today it is a full medical institution that represents the entire spectrum of uslugna the highest level.

We wanted a new type of clinic is different from the usual Soviet, with long queues, and sometimes even flattery patients to doctors.
And today, every patient clinic "Vitadent" sure: for him will do everything possible here, and doctors are working at the level of world standards.

All our specialists visited training activities at least two - three times a year. Sometimes, the doctor who has mastered the technology with our help, opening their own business.

But the materials and knowledge necessary also high quality equipment in full.
In "Vitadent" is available in a wide range.

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Zaporizhia, Angolenko, 14c, 69035

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