Volokitina Anna V.

Therapist, Hygienist,

Work experience:

21 year
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Dentist Volokitina Anna V.

Doctor Volokitina Anna V.

Chief physician network of clinics "Dental Dynasty". Member of the Dental Association of Ukraine. Graduated from Donetsk State Medical University in 2000. Work experience of 13 years, the highest category. Speciality - therapy, cosmetic dentistry (veneers, Lumineers) and orthodontics - correction Malocclusion using the most modern techniques, including using aligners.

Cosmetic Dentistry


Capa whitening

n / a

Chemical teeth whitening

n / a

Home bleaching

103 USD

Laser Teeth Whitening

139 USD

Skys / Decoration Tooth pebbles

23 USD

Zoom whitening

128 USD




n / a

Glass ionomer fillings

18 USD

Initial consultation

n / a

Laser therapy

n / a

Ozone therapy

n / a

Photopolymer fillings in

18 - 23 USD

Reinforcement tooth pin



12 USD

Treatment of caries

n / a

Treatment of pulpitis / periodontitis

n / a

Oral Hygiene


Brushing teeth Air-Flow

1 - 35 USD

Brushing your teeth with ultrasound

0 - 27 USD

Orthodontics (correction of occlusion)


Activation braces

n / a

Ceramic braces

201 USD

Correction braces

201 USD

Lingual braces

201 USD

Metal braces

201 USD

Orthodontic aligners

n / a


71 USD

Sapphire braces

201 USD

Self-ligating braces

201 USD

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