Zozulya Svetlana


Work experience:

6 years

Works in:

Dnipropetrovsk, Aranta - 6 years
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Dentist Zozulya Svetlana

Doctor Zozulya Svetlana

Dentist, periodontist.

Dental health depends on the health of the gums. Unfortunately, the mucous membranes and soft tissues are influenced by various stimuli, infections and diseases that have a negative impact on the teeth. With the development of periodontal disease - gingivitis - high threat of loss of healthy teeth that are loose and fall out. Svetlana Zozulya help you to restore the normal condition of the gums, relieve the unpleasant sensations and symptoms that a positive impact on your appearance, allow open and smiling. Effective treatments tested on hundreds of patients currently Svetlana Valerievna.



Treatment of pulpitis / periodontitis

n / a

Gum Treatment


Teeth splinting

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Vector - Therapy

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Dnipropetrovsk, Working, 89,

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