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Dyushato on Dreiser

  1. Kyiv, Dreiser, 19, 1st Floor, 131-136 cab.

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  2. Mon-Fri 0830-2030. Sat-Sun 0900-1800.

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Specialization Dyushato on Dreiser

Описание клиники Dyushato on Dreiser

Dental clinic LLC "DYUSHATO" provides dental care for all sections of dentistry at street Dreiser 19.

In 2012, the clinic received the highest level of accreditation by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

The clinic was founded in 1997 and for 17 years has formed a team of highly skilled professionals able to solve any problem related to diseases of dental system.

50% of physicians - a doctor of the highest qualification category. Presented certificates show that our doctors are constantly improving their skills.

Emergency care for surgical and therapeutic dentistry is a priority in the work of the clinic. High qualification hirurgov- dentists clinic effectively and safely carry out treatment for inflammatory processes and injuries maxillofacial region.

Surgical intervention with a dental laser facilitates the surgeon's work and provides quicker recovery.

In our clinic, doctors trained in dental treatment of pregnant and know how and when to conduct dental procedures that can be deferred to the post-partum period, are necessary activities during pregnancy for the prevention of tooth decay, which can be used anesthetics.

Modern methods of treatment and technologies, equipment and machinery manufactured in Europe, professionalism of doctors and individual approach to the treatment of each patient, strict compliance sanepidrezhima and Anti-AIDS program will make your treatment in our clinic is safe and enjoyable.

We are working with 17 leading insurance companies of Ukraine. Corporate clients can use a form of payment through a system of voluntary health insurance.

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Kyiv, Dreiser, 19

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