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Specialization Clinic Kamenetz

Описание клиники Clinic Kamenetz

Creating our clinic, we strive for excellence in all- since high professional skills of all employees, and ending with comfortable conditions of treatment. But our main dostizhenie- good attitude to each other, understanding the mystery of the human soul and the order, brought to sovershenstva.Unikalnye methods of treatment and restoration of teeth, developed at the clinic Yegor Kamenetz, can solve almost any dental problem. Here everything is possible that other clinics offer. Our skills to others - zagadka.Priem conducted in five classrooms equipped with the latest equipment for diagnosis, treatment and prevention of dental diseases. This helps doctors to work quickly, efficiently and simply beautiful, and patients treated comfortable and happy. Author's clinic Yegor Kamenetz is: • Safety of treatment, individual selection of medicines • X-rays, computerized diagnostics • The highly restoration of teeth • Treatment impassable channels, including the presence of fistulas, granulomas, cysts • Repair all damaged teeth, "progovorennyh" to remove • Arm missing tooth without obpilivaniya neighboring • Advanced technologies prosthetic implants • • Modern methods of treatment of periodontal disease and periodontitis • Orthodontics (braces) - dental care of some beautiful at any age • Professional cleaning and teeth whitening • Preventive measures, allowing 80-90% reduce the risk of kariesaSalvador Dali created a "ruby lips", we will create a pearly teeth ....

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