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Dental clinic "Lumi-Dent"

  1. Kyiv, Anna Akhmatova, 14А

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  2. Mon-Sun 0800-2100.

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Specialization Dental clinic "Lumi-Dent"

Описание клиники Dental clinic "Lumi-Dent"

Message from the Chief Doctor
Dear customers!
Welcome to our Dental Centre "Lumi-Dent"!

It is said that a person is happy when he has a big family and favorite work.

In this respect, I can tell you yes, we happy team of people who have main mission in life - to create beautiful smiles, making people healthy and happy by giving them the positive in life.

The name of our dental center - a beautiful and healthy tooth surrounded by magnificent light - bright highlights our creed - to be professionals in their field, to do their work with enthusiasm and optimism.

Every customer of our dental center - a VIP-persons, we are ready and happy to surround our warmth and care, in gratitude for your right choice.

In this paper we aim primarily to outdo themselves. We are working to achieve the highest quality, we have an individual approach to each client and each made responsible for our work.

As head of the clinic, I guarantee you complete comfort and positive emotions during your visit to our dental center.

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Kyiv, Anna Akhmatova, 14А

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