Yatsyuta Victoria

Work experience:

15 years

Works in:

Kyiv, Dental clinic Vilida - 12 years
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Dentist Yatsyuta Victoria

Doctor Yatsyuta Victoria

2007. graduated from the National University. Acad. AA Bogomoletz.
2009. passed specialization in orthodontics at the Institute of Postgraduate Education named after PL Shupyk.
2005-2007. -stazhirovalas dentist orthodontist clinic & quot; Asli & quot;
2007-2010. -Works orthodontist clinic & quot; Delta-Dent & quot;
2009-2010. - Working in clinics & quot; Alenta & quot ;, & quot; Stomatgarant & quot ;, & quot; Clinic Vyacheslav Krasnik & quot ;, & quot; & quot ;. Vilida

& Quot; Lingual orthodontic appliances. Aesthetic and functional orthodontics & quot;
& Quot; Kalіfornіyskі ortodontichnі semіnari & quot;
& Quot; Suchasnі tehgologії lіkuvannya that profіlaktiki in praktichnіy stomatologії & quot;
& Quot; Damon system: then and now & quot;
Participated in the 3rd Pan-European Dental Congress.

Orthodontics (correction of occlusion)


Activation braces


Ceramic braces

336 USD

Correction braces


Lingual braces

n / a

Metal braces

264 USD

Orthodontic aligners

n / a


n / a

Sapphire braces

384 USD

Self-ligating braces

403 USD

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Kyiv, Heroes of Stalingrad Avenue, 6,

Dental clinic Vilida
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