Timchenko Igor Nikolaevich


Work experience:

40 years

Works in:

Kyiv, Dyushato Children Department - 8 years
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Dentist Timchenko Igor Nikolaevich

Doctor Timchenko Igor Nikolaevich

Dentist of the highest qualification category, specialty dentistry, general dentistry. He graduated from Almaty Medical Institute in 1982. Highly qualified specialist in the field of therapeutic and prosthetic dentistry. Has 10 certificates of training in specialty dentistry.

Certificates doctor Timchenko Igor Nikolaevich



Glass ionomer fillings

10 - 12 USD

Photopolymer fillings in

14 - 17 USD

Treatment of caries


Treatment of pulpitis / periodontitis

3 - 7 USD

Gum Treatment


Teeth splinting

46 - 57 USD

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Kyiv, Vygurovsky blvd., 4,

Dyushato Children Department
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