Ceramic crown zirconium oxide

Zirconium oxide - a modern high-strength material that is relatively new, but rapidly gained popularity in the medical practice of many dentists. What is zirconia? Read more

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Ceramic crown zirconium oxide in Kyiv

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Reviews about Ceramic crown zirconium oxide

Мой доктор Рычкин Дмитрий Вячеславович! Прекрасный специалист , внимательный , заботливый, понимающий что хочет пациент. Сделал мне прекрасную коронку, от своих зубов не отличить!

Спасибо большое!!!
Хочу выразить благодарность Сергею Игоревичу. Процедура для меня не из приятных, но прошло всё лечение на высоком уровне. Очень доволен работой, ни боли ни неприятных ощущений после установки коронки почти не чувствовал.
Отличная работа, Рекомендую доктора, как профессионала своего дела.
До 30 прожила без одной пломбочки, но от проблем с зубами не уйдешь, наверное... Обратилась в эту стоматологию. Для лечения зубов предложили 2 варианта: обычную пломбу и керамическую. Я решила не экономить и поставить керамическую, уже 2 года с ней хожу, очень довольна)
Добрый день! Большое спасибо профессионалам "Агами". По рекомендации попала на консультацию к главному врачу, тут же сделали 3д-снимок и уже через 3 дня назначили операцию. Хирург-Игнатов Александр Юрьевич. Делает все быстро и четко, немного жестко, но очень уверенно. Вообще боялась стоматологов с детства (неудачный опыт советской стоматологии). Поэтому делала все во сне. Коронки делал доктор Юрковец Павел Валерьевич. Спокойный, очень аккуратный, все подробно рассказал. получилось удобно и очень красиво! Прошло чуть больше года, была на чистке, сказали, что все хорошо! Очень довольна, только немного долго делали сами коронки. Надежда

Zirconium oxide - a modern high-strength material that is relatively new, but rapidly gained popularity in the medical practice of many dentists.

What is zirconia?

This complex inorganic compound in pure form a colorless transparent crystals. Because of its hardness and an attractive appearance are widely used in jewelry for simulating diamonds. Furthermore, the material has

biological inertness, i.e. does not cause allergic reactions in patients with increased immunological sensitivity that allowed for the first time successfully used in orthopedics zirconia as functional substitutes for joints.

Dentists, assessing the experience of predecessors, also drew attention to zirconium oxide, and found it a separate field of application in dental prosthetics.

How are made ​​of zirconia crowns?

1. After removing the impression to the dental laboratory molded three-dimensional model of the jaw and dentition.

2. Using a special computer program performed laser scanning, accurately conveys the size and shape of the future framework zirconium crowns.

  1. Vytachivanie made ceramic crown cutters, manage the programs from the block zirconia.
  2. The frame is exposed to high temperature, after which it is applied to a particular chemical composition has ceramic properties.
  3. The crown is ready! The patient comes to the reception, where the doctor performs the finishing stage - tries and captures crown.

To fit crowns of zirconium oxide?

Absolutely everything! Use the crown of this material may be patients with both single and multiple defects of the dentition. Especially recommended their use in patients with allergies and those patients who are worried not only about the quality and durability of the prosthesis (which is certainly important), but also the perfect appearance. With the optimal optical properties, zirconium oxide perfectly mimics the color of the tooth enamel in the mouth, whereby it becomes impossible to distinguish a layman like crown of the natural teeth.

Also worth thinking about wearing zirconium crowns in patients with periodontal disease, as due to material properties and unique computer technology manufacturing crowns have thinner walls, thus reducing the load on the ligaments of the tooth and jawbone.

Highlight the most significant quality zirconium crowns that can make the doctor and patient choice in favor of this type of prosthesis:

  • Biocompatibility
  • High aesthetics, the ability to individually adjust the color of the crown
  • Hardness and wear resistance
  • Speed ​​of maintaining maximum precision manufacturing that provides strong adhesion to the tooth crowns and excludes the development of caries under the crown
  • Minimum load on the tissue surrounding the tooth
  • The design of the crown is completely absent metal, which eliminates the phenomenon of electroplating in the mouth, accompanied by subjective sensations of patients as burning, stinging, metallic taste in the mouth.

How much are the crowns zirconia?

Prices for this type of prosthesis is slightly higher than prosthetic stamped, solid rubber or metal-ceramic crowns, but still they can be called moderate, as zirconium oxide crown has significant positive effects and as a result the patient will last much longer.

Summing up, it should be noted that the zirconium oxide - the elite among the materials for prosthetic dentition, despite the fact that it can be called a novelty in clinical practice dentists. Zirconium oxide - a quality, reliable material with a long list of evidence that will satisfy the most demanding tastes and wishes of patients.

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